Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is the fourth and final book in The Luxe series. Thank heaven for that! I am now convinced that the only one of these books worth reading is the first. I really enjoyed the first, but my reactions to the other three have ranged from mediocre acceptance to sheer hatred. Splendor, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. I was really irritated by this book. After so much build-up and so many loose plot holes, THIS is how it chose to end???? Awful! It really has a horrible ending, but the funny thing is, the ending is consistent with the characters' true personalities, which is proof that some of the characters in these books are of the lowest quality of human being that exists. Ok, maybe that's a little over-strong. Maybe I'm just angry that I wasted any time reading this series. To sum up, if you read the first book, imagine a nice happy ending for everyone and don't be tempted to go on.

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