Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Death Comes For the Archbishop

And, as I'd say every time I flopped on the couch to try and finish this book, "It's not nearly coming fast enough!!"

This is a slow book. A strange book. It doesn't have a plot or a story arc. It's the tale of a man's life as a Bishop for the Catholic church in New Mexico, right after it becomes a part of America. Now, I didn't hate this book, I just thought it was a bit boring at times. Cather's writing is beautiful. Her descriptions are truly breathtaking at times. I appreciated the book much more after finishing it and studying it in class. There's some fabulous symbology and some very interesting themes to explore in this book. But, I can't say that I will be eager to return to it soon.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I read this book in junior high or high school and totally fell in love with it . . . but now I can't even remember what it's about. I guess it's time to read it again!