Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I love YA

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Ok, I'm not usually one to do things for contests, but this one... I REALLY want every chance possible to win it. Seriously - just look at that thing! 50 signed books??? WANT.
I'm even considering creating a twitter account, so I can tweet about it and get one more entry. It may come to that. :D
One of the requirements for an extra ten entries was to share somewhere on the web why I love YA. I'd call that an easy requirement, since it's one of my favorite subjects. I'll try to be concise, though. We all know I'm prone to rambling.
Top Ten Reasons I Love YA:
1. I may be about 12 - 13 years older than the typical YA character, but I have no problems remembering what it was like being that age. I loved my young adult years, both for the fun and innocence and for the tumultuous decisions I was constantly faced with.
2. Young Adult novels are out of this world creative and imaginative.
3. YA has generally cleaner content than adult fiction, something I personally appreciate.
4. I love filling my library with YA because I can lend them out to friends and neighbors and students without worrying about content.
5. Talking about YA with teens is a great way to make friends with them :D (which is important to me since I interact with teens every day).
6. I love YA for the community of bright and clever people I've gotten to know through it. So many amazing and passinate bloggers and authors are as obsessed with YA as I am and I love reading their thoughts on books and writing for young adults.
7. I love YA because there's no shortage of amazing books to fill up my to-read lists!
8. YA deals a lot with first love, something I love reading about. I remember how all-consuming and powerful first love is, and reading about it somehow always manages to remind me how it felt to fall in love with my own husband (which always makes me fall in love with him all over again).
9. I love the way YA bridges age gaps. I have friends off all ages who love YA. And finding someone who also loves YA is an easy way to make an instant new best friend.
10. There's something so powerful about YA characters and the way they realize their individual talents and abilities and grow up and find love and face adult problems. Every YA book is the Heroic Journey repeated. We've all been there, being forced away from the comfort of home and parents and people who take care of us, all of a sudden having to grow up and face our problems and overcome them in heroic ways. YA is empowering to teens and adults. Reading YA reminds me that I have the ability to face anything and overcome it.
In short, I love YA because IT IS THE BEST!!!

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