Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Last Olympian

Pow!!! Rick Riordan seriously delivers with this final Percy book. I've loved all the others and this book was the perfect end to Percy's story. It has every element that I love in a good story: adventure, suspense, romance, character complexity, imagination . . . you name it. The writing is brilliant!!! I just can't say enough about it. Maybe you think I'm strange because I read a lot of children's and YA literature. Often that's because it's the only clean lit to be found out there. Other times I consider my reading to be research (meaning that I'm scouting out books I can recommend to my kids, particularly for my boys; I know plenty of good books for girls). Good examples of that kind of book are the 39 Clues books, or the Charlie Bone series. Percy is NOT that kind of book. I read Percy totally for myself. And thoroughly enjoy it. It's not even that sad that this is the final book because Rick Riordan has already announced that he's doing another Camp Half-Blood series. Wahoo! And it gets nicely set-up at the end of this book. What a great book. You should read it.

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Bonnie Parks said...

I don't think you're strange for reading children's and YA literature, even when you are reading for your own pleasure. It's some of the best.