Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ally Condie comes to Boise!

We never get cool author events in Boise (yes, I have complained about this before), so I was thrilled to hear Ally Condie was coming. Also a little frustrated because I had a doctor's appointment I couldn't reschedule at the same time. :( 

Luckily, I got in a little early at the doctor and got out fast and was able to zip over to the library quickly. I only missed the first 15 minutes of her presentation. 

It was so fun hearing her speak! She was entertaining and down to earth and so cool. I was excited to hear about her Rio project (underwater city? Yes!) and loved hearing more about her writing process and how she balances it all with kids. 

I snuck a couple photos from where I was sitting. :)

Anyway, it was an awesome hour and then she signed books. Since I showed up late I was practically last in line - bummer because I needed to leave early to go get my kids from school (sheesh my life is busy). I mentioned needing to leave to one of the librarians and she offered to get my books signed for me - which made my pregnant, hormonal self almost start crying. 

I love librarians. :D

So, even though I'm sad I didn't get to meet her in person, I loved hearing her speak and my books are now signed and personalized! When Ally heard about me from Jen the librarian, she even decided to write a little extra in my books. Seriously, she is awesome. 

And look how cool these are!

Okay, I'm blogging from my phone and don't know how to flip the pictures, but awesome, right? You can even see my cool little personal embosser stamp (last year's Christmas gift from my husband -does he know and love me or what?). 

I loved signed books. :) I should do a blog sometime to show you my signed book collection. I have some cool ones. 

Do you have any signed books? Have you met any of your favorite authors?

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