Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall Reading List

Here are some books I'm hoping to get read this fall! Click on the picture to be taken to its goodreads page.

Books already out I haven't gotten around to:

 This one sounds fascinating and has great reviews. Can't wait to read it - but it's taking my library forever to get it!

Kasie West's Pivot Point is still one of my top five favorite books this year and I'd love to try out her contemporary novel.

I'm behind - I totally should have read this during the summer! Still looking forward to this sequel. :D

Coming out in August:

 Early reviews are coming in and I'm just dying. Can't wait to see how this series ends!

 Not loving the cover change, but I'm still excited to see what happens to Celaena next.

Books being released in September:

 *sniff* Code Name Verity broke my heart and blew me away. I can hardly believe I'm lucky enough to get a companion novel.

 Greek mythology anyone? Definitely will be checking this out. Sounds like my kind of book!

 Kiersten White plus Egyptian mythology? Don't mind if I do.

Books being released in October:
 Do you know me at all? Then you know why I'm dying for this. Total Rick Riordan fangirl here.

 Last year's For Darkness Shows the Stars was just lovely and I'm really looking forward to this book - Scarlet Pimpernel retelling!

 I didn't rave about Slayers, but I'm still looking forward to this. I haven't read anything by Janette Rallison (in disguise here as CJ Hill) in a long time. Plus! Major cover update. Much better, don't you think?

 Final book in the Divergent trilogy! How will it end? No idea but I'm sure it will be action-packed.

And, cause I need a few spooky reads sometime around Halloween (it honestly might be that long before I blog again...):

 I need a good spooky classic and this one comes highly recommended.

 I don't think I should let a Halloween go by without reading an Agatha Christie. She's the best.

 I have no idea why I haven't read this yet. Honestly, Emily. I love Flavia and I need to read the rest of her series!!!

What are you reading in the next couple months?

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kathy said...

I'm so excited for Allegiant, too! And The Chaos of Stars. I was super lucky to get an ARC of The Bitter Kingdom, and it is easily my favorite in that series. I hope you like it! :)