Monday, January 19, 2009



by Michael Grant

I read a really great review of this book (which is what made me want to read it). Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it like I was hoping I would. The premise is very interesting. All of sudden one day all the adults and teenagers 15 and older disappear. There's mass chaos, of course, as some step up to lead the others, some of the bullies try to exploit the situation and the rest have panic attacks or run wild. Things get even more complicated when some of the children develop extra powers (in a very X-Men-y way). There's quite the battle for control and the book is intense and flows well. The writing is very good.

Why didn't I like it?

Because it FREAKED ME OUT!

Everyone 14 and younger left to fend for themselves. Yeah, that includes babies and toddlers. As a young mother I almost couldn't make it past the first chapter because I was so worried about the little kids in this book. Someone did step up and take care of the little kids who were found alone in a daycare and others searched houses to look for others (which is why I was even able to bring myself to finish the book), but in my opinion they waited for too long to search out babies and toddlers left alone in houses. Maybe it shouldn't have bothered me so much, but I get really into books. As I was reading it, I'd look around at the three beautiful little ones around me and wonder what would happen if I (and all the other adults) just suddenly disappeared. Talk about terrifying! What kind of conscienceless author would pick such a horrible thing to write about? Just my opinion.
This would be a great book for older teens (who don't have that protective mother moose instinct yet). It has a very Lord of the Flies-ish educational quality about it too. The characters are great and I will probably read the sequel (because it ends on such a cliff-hanger!), but I do not recommend this one to my fellow young mothers (or young child sympathizers).

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