Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fablehaven 4

Phew! Talk about action packed! I barely had time to breathe while reading this book. It was awesome; everything and more that I'd hoped it would be. Before I read the first book in this series I thought they might be kitsch, unoriginal and boring. But they easily stand alone in the fantasy genre. They continue to get better too. I was surprised by how much more depth Brandon Mull was able to add onto characters that I thought I already knew pretty well.

Speaking of characters, this book has memorable moments with all of my favorite characters from Fablehaven (which is a magical preserve): Kendra, Seth and their grandparents; those technology-craving satyrs; the centaurs, who are rather terrifying when they're angry; the demon Graulas; and even the fairy queen makes an appearance. Mixed in with all the regulars, there was a wide range of new and equally lovable (yes, I love the bad guys too - even if I would never want to meet them) new characters: Thronis, the giant king; Raxtus, the super cool dragon (to elaborate would be to spoil it for you); Bubda, the Yahtzee playing hermit troll; and none other than Navarog, the demon dragon prince himself (boo!!! ~ hiss!!!). Add to the equation some sweet magical items, a very tight plot, a brilliantly described dragon sanctuary, a MASSIVE betrayal that I sooo was not expecting, and the suspense of being the second to last book in a series, and you have a very difficult to put down read. I'm not sure when the 5th book comes out, but I'm sure that it's far too long from now.


Jeff and Rebecca said...

Dang, there's a fifth book, too? It's been so long since I read the third that I'll have to reread it before I even get my hands on the fourth.

Grandma L. said...

I just got finished reading this book. I appreciated your post. You made me want to read it, but you didn't give anything away. I agree...the betrayal was totally unexpected and Raxtus is cool. I hope they find a way to help Warren out of the backpack.