Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yeah, so I bought the movie, and then I had to read the book to compare, and then I couldn't stop until I'd read the whole series! Blast. Click here to read what I've previously written about the first three books. I was glad I read Breaking Dawn again, though. It was much better the second time around (since I already knew what to expect I wasn't nearly as disappointed). It's still a weird book, but it had its high points. Like the entire section written from Jacob's perspective. He had the best chapter titles, featuring such gems as "Why Didn't I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I'm An Idiot.", "Good Thing I've Got A Strong Stomach", "You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires", and "What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have." Fabulous. If you've never read Twilight, just do it. You know you'll be curious for the rest of your life if you don't.


Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

Amen to that! I love the Jacob chapter titles too.

Mindy said...

Hey, I just finished the series again a few days ago! I had the same reason for re-reading... bought the movie and just needed more of the REAL story with the details and character development that I think is lacking in the movie. I liked all of them even better the second time around. I so badly want "midnight sun"!