Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This is Aprilynne Pike's third book, sequel to Wings and Spells. I was a little disappointed to find out that it wasn't the last book in the series, though. Apparently it will be a four book series. Better be. I hate waiting to find out what happens in a series. This is why I loved Gone With the Wind. Have a long story to tell? Put it all in one massive book! Nobody does that anymore, no doubt because it's far more lucrative to release four books than one 1,000+ page book.

Now that I'm done complaining, I will tell you that I actually really enjoyed this book. I really wasn't impressed by the second, so this came as a surprise to me. I think I was just in exactly the right mood when I picked this up. I wanted something light and fluff and magical and that's what this is. I also really love that Aprilynne Pike is an LDS author and keeps her books really clean. I won't say much more about the plot because I don't want to give you any spoilers. My only other comment on this book is that I still wish Aprilynne Pike would flesh out her mythology more instead of focusing so much on that wretched love triangle. There are some really interesting magical elements in this book and I find Laurel's powers fascinating. Hopefully there's much more of that in the final book, which I'm wishing I could already read because this book has a nasty cliffhanger. Mean, mean, mean. Why do they do that to me?

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