Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Twilight Official Guide and Graphic Novel

I am a Twilight fan. I don't know why I feel so defensive about that. :D There's nothing wrong with the fact that I like Twilight. I'm not like all the screaming, crazy fans out there. I HATE the movies. I've seen them all, but that's just because I like the series. Are they fluffy, escapist novels? Yes. There's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I wish I go back in time several years and just be me, the lone Twilight fan that I knew, along with my two sisters-in-law who introduced it to me. Now, I feel like labeling myself as a Twilight fan puts me in a cramped, massive room full of shouting, manic people. If that makes sense. Anyway, I've never claimed that Twilight is brilliant, genius literature. It's just that it's the kind of book I like to read sometimes. I love to get sucked into Stephenie Meyer's world. It's a bit magic, a bit suspense, a bit romance, and plenty of fun.

Anyway. So I checked out the new Official Guide from the library so I could decide if I wanted to buy it. I probably won't, unless I'm feeling particularly rich someday, but it was still fun to peruse. I mainly wanted to read it because of the 63, yes 63, page interview Stephenie Meyer did with Shannon Hale. Two of my favorite authors! I loved reading their conversation and felt like I could have been sitting right there, talking with friends. They discussed things I am really interested in too, not just obscure details about the series. I loved hearing more about their thoughts on writing and creating worlds.

Other than the interview, I wasn't much interested in the rest. I liked the fan art section and it was interesting to get a few more details on a few characters. Overall, I was glad I read it, but it's definitely not a necessity.

I also checked out part 1 of the Twilight graphic novel, just for fun:

It surprised me! I enjoyed it way more than I thought it would and it has gone on my to-buy list. It really visualized the story for me the way I imagined it while reading the book. Sooooooo much better than the movies. Infinitely better. The art was just gorgeous. My biggest complaint is that it splits the book into two parts. The second half won't be coming out until October. The cover will match up with the cover on the first book, which I thought was kind of cool.

So, if you're a Twilight fan too, I'd recommend the graphic novel and I'd recommend checking out the Offical Guide from the library to read an awesome long interview with Shannon Hale and Stephenie Meyer.

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AMEN to your first paragraph! :)