Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Capture the Castle

From the book cover:
I Capture the Castle tells the story of seventeen-year-old Cassandra and her family, who live in not-so-genteel poverty in a ramshackle old English castle. Here she strives, over six turbulent months, to hone her writing skills. She fills three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant entries. Her journals candidly chronicle the great changes that take place within the castle's walls, and her own first descent into love. By the time she pens her final entry, she has "captured the castle"— and the heart of the reader— in one of literature's most enchanting entertainments.

Here's another book that I have been meaning to read for ages. I knew I would love it. I did. It's absolutely beautiful and funny and romantic. I found in Cassandra a kindred spirit, a new favorite heroine, like Anne of Green Gables and Elizabeth Bennett. Cassandra has such an entertaining and honest view of the world. I could have read her voice for much longer than the book lasted. And what a story! Such characters! Loved her writer father - loved Stephen (I'm definitely rooting for the underdog on this one), loved them all. I was so shocked by a twist at the end that I feel a little silly for not seeing it coming, but nevertheless I'm really savoring the feeling of getting a surprise in a book I was enjoying reading so much.

Another thing that I really like about this is that Cassandra is seventeen and I won't tell you how it ends, but it ends exactly how I think a seventeen year-old's love story should end. Did you find forever, true love at seventeen? It drives me crazy when I read YA books and they immediately fall in eternal love. Teenagers are supposed to make mistakes, supposed to fall in love a few times. Anyway, I hope I haven't spoiled anything. I just really liked how real this book felt, which is amazing considering how romantic the setting is. I wish I could have grown up in a castle. Despite their poverty, Cassandra still managed to maintain a romantic view of her setting too. Ah I could go on and on about this book, I can tell. Just read it. Love it. It's awesome.

Anyone know anything about the movie? I just realized there was one and am uber-disappointed to discover that it's rated R (for one scene when Cassandra's artsy model step-mother is spotted outside 'communing with nature'). Now what was the point of ruining the movie and making it so people like me who don't watch R movies can't watch a movie based on a favorite book? A clean, delightful, YA book that really should have absolutely no inappropriate content in it? So frustrating.

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