Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best Of 2011

Hey everyone! Well, the 2011 reading year is over and it's time to discuss. I managed to read 130 books in 2011, which is probably a little ridiculous and just a bit much, but it was sure fun. :D My little problem is that I loved so many of them I'm having a hard time picking favorites. Thanks to goodreads and book blogs and getting recommendations from so many sources I trust I've read very few books I didn't like. So, to simplify, I think we'll divide into categories. (Click on the picture and it will take you to my review)
Best Children's books read in 2011:

Both Calpurnia Tate and Moon over Manifest are truly delightful pieces of historical fiction.

The Ordinary Princess is a fabulous bite of a story with a strong heroine I dare you not to adore.

Rick Riordan. Need I elaborate more?

For a book experience like you've never had before, you must try Hugo Cabret.

(by which I mean the whole Ranger's Apprentice series)

Best YA books read in 2011:

Janette Rallison is my favorite discovery from 2011. In fact, I've loved all her books so far. I recommend them all! So funny and clever and creative.

Both Crown and Court Duel are very good reads.

There's no point denying it; it looks cheesy. But I fell for this book and I fell for it hard. It's entertaining and sweet and the characters stick with you. The sequel Lola and the Boy Next Door is also BRILLIANT. Actually, I'm sitting here looking for it and apparently I never blogged about it! How is that possible? I loved that book!

I still think about this book sometimes and I read it months ago. What a story, what a setting. I love a little sci-fi and even if you're not a sci-fi fan I dare you not to get sucked into this.

Probably the dystopian fiction I liked best this year. I found it beautifully written, completely engrossing, and even just a pinch better than The Hunger Games. Shocking, right? If you haven't read it yet, you don't know what you're missing.

Another brilliant dystopian to keep you up late at night, frantically turning pages:

A little greek mythology, a little romance, this is another one not to be missed.

This story blew me away, plus the writing is gorgeous. Lush and poetic.

This book could almost qualify as poetry the writing is so beautiful.

Have you read anything by Lauren Oliver yet? Prepare your heart. I usually get emotionally involved in books, but Lauren Oliver takes it to a whole new level.

Some very pleasant time travelling going on here... loved it!

Meet my new favorite book:

After reading a few less than satisfying dystopians, this is the one that made me believe again.

Emotional and historical. Highly recommended.

A new story about a little-known part of WWII that will leave you a better person. So worth a read.

Enough YA? I think we can guess what my favorite genre is... :D

Best Adult Fiction/Nonfiction books read in 2011:

Common sense! Written with humor and makes so much sense.

Epic fiction. An amazing book.

Lesser known, but supremely enjoyable. Be prepared for the unfinished ending (my version just STOPS). Best way to get your closure is by watching the fabulous movie. :D

Can't believe it's taken me this long in my life to read Gone With the Wind. One of the best novels. Ever.

Learned a ton from this genius book about the heroic journey. Chock full of great mythology.

It's been a while since I read a work of LDS fiction, and this one is fat, but it was so uplifting.

This book made me laugh so hard. Brilliant.

Informative, concise, funny. And appeals to my inner nerd.

Learned a ton about the civil war from this book. I found it enriching and fast-paced. Much better than I had imagined a war book would be. All the key players and characters really come to life in this classic book.

Absolute, ruddy genius. And perfect for any of you book/word/letter lovers.

I think I'd better stop! I'll have my new reading goal up and a list of books I'm most looking forward to reading in 2012 up very soon. I intend to read less and write more in 2012, so I'll be trying to cut down my reading. But not by much. :D Happy reading in 2012 everyone!

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