Monday, September 24, 2012


From Goodreads:
16 year old Anna Rogan has a secret she's only shared with her best friend, Rei; she can astrally project out of her body, allowing her spirit to explore the world and the far reaches of the universe.

When there's a fatal accident and her classmate Taylor takes over Anna's body, what was an exhilarating distraction from her repressive home life threatens to become a permanent state. Faced with a future trapped in another dimension, Anna turns to Rei for help. Now the two of them must find a way to get Anna back into her body and stop Taylor from accusing an innocent friend of murder. Together Anna and Rei form a plan but it doesn't take into account the deeper feelings that are beginning to grow between them.

My Rating: ****

Better than I expected it to be! I'll admit that sometimes it got a bit new-age-y on me, all karma and yoga and herbs and nutrition and reincarnation and you know what I'm talking about. It seemed to get a little preachy at times, but not enough to really get on my nerves.

But WOW! What a cool power. I was in love with Anna's ability to astrally project. Sure, I think I'll just pop my spirit out of my body and travel the world, nay the universe! Cool supernova? Front row seat. How about a sunset marathon, following the sun's setting around the earth. Not the mention all the awesome spying possibilities. :D

And the plot was intensely cool. Anna is trapped outside of her body while jerk-of-the-world Taylor takes over and makes herself at home, claiming amnesia and somehow fooling everybody except Rei (who I loved). There are some fabulous sequences with Anna vs. Taylor (since Anna can manipulate objects to a certain extent) and some really funny haunting going on. Anna and Rei have great friend chemistry which translated into great more-than-friend chemistry and the whole ride through this book was exciting and interesting.

The end left me a little unsatisfied, partially because there were several plotlines wrapped up too hastily and sloppily (and some not resolved at all). That's really the main reason I denied that last star, because other than that Auracle delivered and was a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable read.

Recommended for fans of out-of-body stories, and those who like a funny and intense plot.

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