Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Which is a cross between "Envy" and "Terrific" - not "Envy" and "Horrific".

I have to give it Anna Godberson because I thought that after the way the second book ended there could not possibly be any redemption for this series. I was wrong. I really enjoyed Envy. I was, however, disappointed to find out it is not the last book in the series. Apparently there's one more entitled Splendour. I just want the characters to find some ruddy closure!!! But I guess I'll keep waiting.

I was surprised to find myself feeling an emotion closely resembling pity for such characters as Lina and even *gasp* Penelope in this book. If you've read the series, you'll know why that's such a shocker. I really like to find that in a book, though. Real people aren't just good or just bad. So, here's to character complexity!

If you haven't read the Luxe series, I highly recommend it, with a slight disclaimer. They are more scandalous than my usual reads. Not much, but enough to merit a mention here.

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