Monday, March 16, 2009

I love Percy

Have you read this series? You should! I love, Love, LOVE them!!! I've always been fascinated by greek mythology, which might explain my obsession with this series. But it's not just for nerds like me. It's for anyone who loves a good plot, impeccable writing, and fabulous adventure. You will never get bored reading these books. They will draw you in from the first page. You won't regret getting sucked into them. Now I just have to be patient until May...

P.S. I got The Demigod Files from the library for fun (it's a collection of three short stories set in Percy's world taking place after The Battle of the Labyrinth). I don't usually go in for those supplemental things (since I get irritated when I feel like people are just trying to make more money off a good thing), but this one is worth it. It's Rick's writing, so it was fabulously well done. Also, I thought one of the stories in particular will play an important role in the final book. Oh, and who wouldn't want the bonus of reading the first chapter of the last book (also included at the end)?

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Bonnie Parks said...

I actually don't like the bonus of reading the first chapter of the next book in a series. I'd rather wait until I have the book so that I can continue with chapter 2 and then chapter 3 and so forth. But I do understand that a lot of people like that. These books all look fun. I'm glad you tell us more about them so that I can decide if I'm interested or not. I definately am on these two series you talked about here. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peter series myself. I agree that they are more interesting than the original Peter Pan - which I read after I read the Starcatchers series - that didn't help the cause. And I can't wait for the fourth one!