Monday, March 16, 2009

I love Peter

Here's another great series for me to recommend to you. These books are prequels to Barrie's Peter Pan. Originally I wasn't convinced it was something that I'd find interesting, but, pleasantly, I was proved wrong. They are soooo good! The plot is rich and intricate. If you've heard of Dave Barry before then you'll understand why these books are gasping for breath cause you're laughing too hard hilarious at times. It was a little slow in the beginning of the first, but that's the only complaint I have. Learning the background of my favorite characters in Peter Pan was so enjoyable. My kids will love a few years. They get a bit intense (especially the third) and kind of show up the original Peter Pan. What with the evil Lord Ombra, King Zarboff the Third and his man-eating snake, space rockets, and all sorts of other crazy stuff, I'd say Barry and Ridley have about outdone themselves. But not quite. Cause there's one more coming out!

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SoniB said...

I thought they were done. How exciting. I rather enjoyed them myself.