Monday, March 30, 2009

The Graveyard Book

Allow me to introduce you to the 2008 Newbery Medal winner. Graveyard Book - reader, reader - Graveyard Book. Now that the pleasantries have been observed, let's talk about this fabulous piece of work. Sometimes I worry that I give too much weight to Newbery books. I suppose I'll stop thinking they're all wonderful when I discover one that I dislike. I must say, though, that I think it's far too scary for younger readers (especially ones with overactive imaginations). It's about the adventures of Nobody Owens (Bod for short). Pretty regular kid. Except for the fact that he's raised in a graveyard by a bunch of ghosts. It's so stinkin' original! It's also hilarious and heartwrenching. I wish I could read it again. I need to find another book by Neil Gaiman to read. He's about as talented a plotician (not sure if that's a real word ... ) as ever existed. Bod's adventures were engrossing, but I thought they were kind of unrelated until they all wove together in one massively awesome killer (pun intended - sorry) ending. Put it on your must-read list.

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Launi said...

just finished it, em, and i loved it! thanks for blogging about all you read. i have a very similar taste in books as you do, so i always come here when i need a good recommendation. :)