Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Lost Hero

And oh it was good. Possibly my favorite book read all year. This is exactly my kind of book. I love the mythology, I love the action and adventure, I love the characters and touch of romance, I love it all. Huge fan of new characters, Piper, Jason, and Leo. LOVE the blending of both Greek and Roman mythology. I am such a fan of Riordan's writing. He is never boring and knows how to jump right in to a story. There's no taking a few pages to get into it. In the first chapter we have electrocution, amnesia, and a jump head first into the grand canyon. You know, I liked The Red Pyramid just fine, but it was just so nice to be back in Percy's world. This book has some big surprises, and it will be another 5 book series. I don't know if I can take the anticipation! One should be released each fall. Bring on October!!! The next book is called The Son of Neptune.

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