Friday, May 20, 2011

Mere Christianity

I enjoyed this, but only up to a certain point. You see, I really love C.S. Lewis' writing style. He's so logical and enjoyable and he uses lots of analogies in this book. Every sentence is brushed over with C.S. Lewis' unique brand of humor. He really made what could have been a very dull and dry book something very interesting and enjoyable to read.

My problem was that I enjoyed this book where I agreed with his logic, (did I mention that this book essentially states his reason and logic behind why he believes in Christianity? Yeah, well that's what this book is about) but it bothered me when I didn't agree with him. A whole third of the book was about the trinity and I fundamentally disagree with him on that. His logic was good, but I've learned (being a logical, academic kind of person myself) that spiritual things can't be understood with just logic. Sometimes you need to have trust, faith, and heart. I don't have to have a reason behind every little thing that I believe and do. C.S. Lewis does. Because of that, I felt like this book just went on way. too. long.

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