Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Dorrit

I love Charles Dickens! It's taken me all of August so far to read this book (being 855 pages) but it's been very much worth it. Of course, I watched the Masterpiece Theater version of this book earlier in the year, and I've been wanting to read it ever since. I got the book and the movie for my birthday and have been happily devouring both bit by bit ever since. This is not one of Dickens' better known stories, but I think it might be my favorite now (or maybe it's tied with David Copperfield, I can't decide). Dickens delivers on the depth of his characters. I felt like I absolutely knew Amy Dorrit and that we were bosom friends (as Anne would say). I laughed aloud several times at the hilarity of the various comic characters, and cried heartily during the more emotionally charged moments. I've rarely felt so much a part of the story. Maybe it's the way Dickens weaves his characters together, everyone affecting each other no matter their class or background, that makes me feel like I could walk right into the pages and be important. And maybe that's part of the magic of Dickens, that he reminds us how important each individual on this planet is. Whatever it is, I'll be back for more. I intend to read every book he's ever written. Someday. Hopefully soon.

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