Monday, August 17, 2009

Storm Glass

I just have to say, that while I enjoyed Magic Study and Fire Study, as well as Storm Glass here, that none of Maria V. Snyder's books have been as compelling or as interesting as her first book, Poison Study. I keep reading her books, trying to find that same spark that was in Poison Study and coming up empty. Very frustrating.

Fire Study saw the end of Yelena's story, so the heroine of Storm Glass is Opal (those who've read the Study books know who Opal is). I thought the change of heroine was refreshing, but like I said earlier, nothing quite like the first book is found here. What it lacks is almost made up by the various descriptions of and forays into the world of glassmaking, which I find fascinating. This book is just interesting enough (and ends on just enough of a cliffhanger) that I'm looking forward to picking up its sequel (from the library, of course), Sea Glass, when it comes out in September.

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