Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Before I Fall

I picked this up because I was very interested in its premise. This is essential the YA lit version of Groundhog Day, one of my favorite movies of all time. I wanted to see how the 'living the same day over and over' premise worked in a book. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this book because it was full of objectionable content. Why? Why? Why do books taking place in high school have to be like this sometimes? Not every teenager spends high school drinking, smoking marijuana, speaking with foul language, and being immoral. I was so angry about all the bad parts, because this could have been a truly amazing book.

I was blown away by the beauty of the writing. Truly gorgeous. And the romance (the real romance) turned out to be very clean, very sweet, very sincere. I hated Sam at the beginning of the book, but I grew to really care for her. She dies at the end of the first day, by the way, and spends the next 7 days reliving the day she dies. I won't tell you how it ends, only that it's unpredictable, but fulfilling. There are some very important issues addressed in this book. It's heartwrenching and made me think seriously about my own life.

I am so angry with this book!!! It could have been an all-time favorite of mine. It has amazing qualities. Unfortunately, what's left lingering in my mind are all the bad parts (and the bad parts are nasty). I wish I could recommend it. I truly do. But I can't. I have read, however, that Lauren Oliver's new book, Delirium (which is a dystopian novel) is much cleaner. I'm excited to read it because I think Lauren Oliver has incredible talent as a writer.

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