Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The DaVinci Code

I have read this novel before, but it is my favorite Dan Brown novel. It's not as gory and graphic as Angels and Demons, and it doesn't have the objectionable content The Lost Symbol was full of. I actually really enjoy reading DaVinci Code. It's smart. It's full of interesting (and true!) history. It has descriptions of incredible pieces of art that you absolutely have to look at while reading (and will be shocked by the things you never noticed). There are tons of codes and secrets embedded within secrets and symbols. This book also is a breathtaking race to the finish with a surprise ending. I'm a good predictor of books, but I never have been able to predict a Dan Brown ending.

I know there are some people who object to this book's subject matter, but it doesn't bother me. Why couldn't Christ have been married? I just don't follow the logic that if He was, He wasn't divine. Rubbish. There's no reason He couldn't have been. I'm not saying I believe for sure that He was, just that it wouldn't bother me if He was. This book is completely compatible with my faith. I don't think the Catholic church has all the answers. The fact that many of their rites and beliefs were based on pagan beliefs doesn't bother me. It just shows that eternal truth dates back to the beginning of time. Truth has been passed down from the beginning and distorted. Just look at how many cultures have creation myths that have similar elements! It just goes to show that at the beginning, there was one truth. I believe that the LDS faith has restored the real truth about the creation, fall, Atonement, and real purpose of life on earth.

This really does have to do with DaVinci Code, because reading it will make you question what you know and the source of your beliefs. It doesn't surprise me that Catholics take issue with this book. It severely attacks many of their beliefs. And I believe it's right. BUT, we have to remember that, however brilliantly researched, DaVinci Code is still a work of fiction. We don't have to accept everything Dan Brown says as fact. Anyway, this is a smart book. An interesting book. A fabulously written tale of suspense. I love it and recommend it.

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