Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This one's a reread. I picked it up in 2009 I think and really enjoyed it. I should probably go back and find the review I wrote then. Not sure why I decided to reread it, probably just that I saw it at the library and thought, 'why not?' It wasn't quite as good the second time. I still think plot is interesting and the premise is unique. I especially like the romance in this one because it's a) clean, and b) slowly developed. I get so sick of YA books where a couple falls in love at first sight. It can work occasionally, but it's way overdone. A slower romance feels more realistic, more solid, more believable. I like that you get to know the characters well. They are all well-developed. Excellent book and much better than Graceling which is the companion book to this one.

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Buffy said...

I thought this one was much better than graceling too. I love books, especially teenage books, that explore the theme of making good choices despite your genetics, your upbringing, or your instincts.