Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outside In

I was a little disappointed by Outside In, and I'm not sure how exactly to put my finger on it... Maybe Inside Out just seemed so interesting, so revolutionary, and now the idea isn't quite so novel. There are no "woah!" revelations in Outside In. Also, while Inside Out was what I'd definitely call a teen novel, Outside In becomes a bit more of an adult novel. And when I say that, I'm mostly talking about physical romance. I thought it was a bit unnecessary... And you know, I think that feeling applies to the whole novel. A sequel wasn't really necessary to Inside Out. Why can't anyone write a stand-alone novel anymore?

Now, I'm not saying that this is complete rubbish. Maria V. Snyder has written several novels that I've really enjoyed. Love her writing voice and the plot was well-crafted. There were plenty of interesting and intense moments to keep things moving along. I'd read this over all sorts of other lame teen novels any day. But... I won't be buying it and I highly doubt I'll ever read it again.

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