Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It was almost all I wanted it to be. Timeless is a fascinating new YA novel using one of my absolute favorite storytelling devices: Time travel. Here's the Amazon summary:

"In Timeless, we are introduced to Michele Windsor, one of the modern bluebloods of the historic Windsor family. Struggling to find her place in a world of prestige and old-fashioned values, Michele sifts through family relics in search of answers. When she discovers her great-great-grandmother’s diary and begins poring through its pages, she finds herself whisked back in time to the Gilded Age. There, Michele meets the man whom she always wished existed, but hadn’t dared to believe in. Inextricably drawn to each other, the two fall in love. But as Michele drifts between modern life and the world of the past, she begins to piece together an alarming family mystery -- one that may doom her life and the life of the man she loves. Timeless is a captivating romance and mystery spanning three decades of high-society life and intrigue in New York City."

Ah the history was great! I loved Michele's first-hand experiences of the Gilded Age, the 20s, and pre WWII eras. Music also played an important role in the story and that always makes me happy. Also, as a big fan of family history, I loved that Michele met and connected with several generations of her ancestors, who each played an important role in the plot. The story was great and had several fascinating plot layers. I also liked that there was no cookie cutter happy ending. The ending was complex and, of course, left it open for a sequel.

I just wish.... well, several things. I thought that Michele and Phillip fell in love so quickly and I wasn't really sure why. It wasn't very convincing to me. Another thing I thought was lacking was a bit of character depth. I wanted to get to know everyone in this novel better: Michele, Phillip, her ancestors, and the modern-day characters (such as Michele's grandparents and NY school friends). I think it would have helped me get more into the story, which could have been so much more moving than it was. All in all, the writing felt a little flat. It was lacking sparkle, pizzazz, originality. Too much cliche.

There are so many good things about this novel. It was sooo close. I'll definitely be checking out the sequel.

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